Interactive Data Visualization with D3.js

Created by Anisha Keshavan / @akeshavan_

Why is interactive data viz important?

  • Our datasets are getting larger
  • Our datasets are multidimensional
  • Our datasets are getting less intuitive
  • We need ways to connect information visualization with scientific data visualization
  • like this

What is D3.js ?

  • Data Driven Documents
  • A JavaScript library for manipulating HTML based on data
  • There are many beautiful examples
  • I like this network diagram

But, its hard

  • The examples aren't very reusable

What about D3-based libraries?

These libraries are great, but

  • Sometimes we need to tweak them
  • We'll start with the basics
  • The goal : you can understand and adapt D3 examples for your data

3 Parts to all websites:

  • HTML: the content
  • CSS: the style
  • JS: the interaction

Open the CodePen to get started